A joint cooperation





How does the system work?

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The nearmiss.dk system has two major functions.

1) To be an managing part to the Company for controlling and managing reports from the vessels and...
2) A learning part for others to learn for unintended events so others may not experience the same events

The new nearmiss database has a new function called MyNearmiss, where companies can manage there own reports and do both corrective actions, preventive measures and follow up. It is the Designated Person (DPA) who decides which reports are being sent to the Joint Experience Database.

Whenever the Company wish to share their events they can upload them to the Joint Experience Database. Before uploading SEAHEALTH will anonymize the reports.

All Companies which have a log-in password, are able to see the reports in the experience database.

How do I get access

A joint co-operation 

Nearmiss.dk is established in a joint co-operation between Danish Shipowners' Association and SEAHEALTH. It is a database based on shared experiences which purpose it is to get the Danish shipping companies to report the near miss events from their ships. By reporting to the same database the experience becomes much greater, creating a base that allows us to draw on the experiences of others in the effort to reduce the number of accidents on board the vessels.

The knowledge base consists of reports from shipowners' officers in charge of the ISM system (typically the designated person).

In order for the system to be anonymous for companies it is administrated by SEAHEALTH - the sectors independent advisor on health and safety issues. During the registration process extra information is attached to the reports, and general relevant results from the the database are sent to the designated person in the company.

In every work situation you continiously gather experience. Working on board a vessel, the skilled sailor is being built by practical experience. Some of these experiences are ones you don't want to experience twice. It could be accidents, near misses or just regular disruption. In the near miss database you can share experiences with others and thereby avoid the same event happening twice.

The database creates a collection of risks and dangers at sea that provide shipping companies with better opportunity to get a better insight in the subject and make a better effort for the safety ennvironment on board.

Nearmiss.dk appeals to every profesional seafarer  - through reporting - to share their experience with others and help them being better prepared and able to prevent accidents, near misses and incidents.

Knowledge sharing

Reporting to nearmiss.dk is a way of promoting and strenghtening a good safety culture. The reporting also contributes to increasing the knowledge about risks in different situations in the shipping sector.

Sharing your experiences of dangerous situations can reduce or prevent a similar risk or accident in another shipping company.

An element of learning

This is a knowledge sharing and experience-based database that gives the shipping companys the possibility to share events which may contain an element of learning for others.

The database does not reflect a complete picture of the events on board Danish vessels and therefor cannot be used for statistical data analysis purposes.

Safety Learnings

Safety Learnings  are issued to the users of nearmiss.dk on the background of those near miss events which have been registered in the system.

Seahealth chooses those near misses among the reportings that can serve a purpose of warning, information in general or as knowledge sharing in the shipping industry.