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Safety Learnings

Seahealth keeps an open eye on incoming reports to discover trends and potential risks of generel interest.  


Safety Learnings are sent out to users of as a result of the near miss events registered in the system by Danish shipowners. As reports are filed, Seahealth selects those that can serve as high potential risks, warnings or as part of knowledge sharing in the industry.

How can we avoid similar events?

Consider forwarding the safety learnings to the safety officer aboard your own vessel or to the company ashore. For example, ask each other how you can avoid similar events and possibly make action plans accordingly.

In brief: Be proactive when it comes to safety issues. Think about prevention before accidents happen rather than reactions after they have happened.

Unedited knowledge-sharing

Safety Learnings are issued in the language they are filed in - Danish or English. The content of Safety Learnings are not edited by Seahealth and is therefore a direct copy of the events as reported to the near miss database.

The wording comes from the shipping companies and Seahealth accepts no responsibility for either the causes or the measures taken. The aim of Safety Learnings issued by Seahealth is solely to provide warnings, knowledge-sharing and experience.

The good thing...
...about these Safety Learnings is that nobody has been injured - they are purely near misses with no direct consequenses, except from learning and new knowledge.